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What is Offensive Content?



    The idea to start another podcast was conceived about a year ago. The guys had found themselves doing a whole lot of nothing. A few adjustments had happened including Jayson getting remarried and finding his long lost love child and Tyson turfing it for the 107th time on his dirt bike and requiring surgery. Chris had been on a safari to find his long lost elusive albino chick. Alex was still racking up his world ranking on FapMapper and trying to find the man with the perfect “V.” Lastly, Drexson was trying to do a balancing act between being politically correct at church, but letting his dark side show at work. However, we finally decided to throw it down, once again.

Introducing Chris, Jayson, Alex, Tyson and your host, Drexson-

    Alex: An ex hand model and “V” enthusiast with a passion for fine wine and dining, found his life turned upside down. After a severe round of chemo therapy it was discovered that in reality he was actually just a fat cancer patient with a sour outlook on life, with a bitter hatred that could only be quenched by the blood and subjugation of the unclean.

“Mmm, moist.” ~Alex

    Ty: King of the bad dad jokes. He’s good for the occasional, shameful laugh. However, we recommend ignoring everything he says. IF he had a solo podcast, it would be called “King of the Retards.”

“My mom is your mom, asshole.” ~Ty

    Jayson: Spends most of his days in his bedroom “discussing” things with his wife. In the meantime his 6 kids run rampant through the house. He is good for a laugh and brings out the darkness in everyone, but don’t let him talk you into just the tip, because that is all he has. Also hide your children, he likes to target innocent boys in recreation center bathrooms.


    Chris: Distinguished gentleman of leisure (ed note: lazy curmudgeon). He is a simple man with simple tastes. He enjoys quiet evenings sampling fine literature and cinema (ed note: He’s a social pariah and shut-in that enjoys troll forums and disturbing porn). He also enjoys oral sex with hobos and farm animals (ed note: he doesn’t Facebook and will never see this #yolo).

“Say everybody have you seen my balls? They’re big and salty and brown. If you ever need ’em quick, pick me up, just stick my balls in your mouth” ~Chris

    Drexson: Sweet, innocent, young looking, cant grow facial hair to save his life. Growing up, he was a little ass hole of a child. His parents still do call him the favorite though. His dark humor and mind was born in the depths of the Marine Corps. Dont let his face fool you, he will say something stupid, but stick to it. He, also has some of the quickest come backs known to mankind.

“Why is my pant leg wet? Is it that time of the month or are you just excited to see me?” ~Drexson

So join us as we record weekly, to bring you the most Offensive Content.

We talk about it so you don’t have to!