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Ty’s 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Man

Hey, guys!

In our episode last week, my moronic co-casters had a really dumbass opinion on a certain topic. (If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode, make sure to check it out.)

The following is the “homework” that I was assigned, although I’m only doing this because this knowledge is a gift to humanity.

10 Steps to Becoming a Man

  1. Carry your firearm with one in the chamber, like a man. Don’t be a little bitch.

  2. Eat onions often, and in mass quantities. People who don’t like onions are dumbasses.. and onions are amazing for virility.

  3. Ride a motorcycle. Four wheels are for pussies.

  4. Learn to love dark chocolate. If you hate dark chocolate but love milk chocolate, you don’t like chocolate.. you like sugar.. and you’re a bitch.

  5. Change the oil in your vehicles yourself. If you’re paying someone to change your oil, you’re a woman.

  6. Don’t park your truck crooked or on a snowbank like an asshole. This shows that you have a tiny penis, or a vagina.

  7. If your favorite sport is full of pussies who cry when they get hurt, find another favorite sport.

  8. If you play video games, get good at PVP. Don’t be a carebear bitch.

  9. If you don’t have metal plates and screws inside your body, go do something crazy and get some. They make you way more manly.. plus the ladies love the scars.

  10. VERY IMPORTANT: If someone offends you, punch them in the dick. Don’t go on social media and whine about it like a little SJW bitch.


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